Wishes when quarantined at home:

Currently, Ho Chi Minh City enforces a restriction on going out in accordance with the government’s guidelines 16 to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic. About a third of Vietnam’s 100 million people must now stay home as multiple southern provinces went under Covid-19 lockdown. In this pandemic situation, let’s see how influencers stay healthy at home.

  1. The secret to losing weight during the epidemic season? Stay home and exercise with Misthy.

The girl standing with the Nintendo Switch Ring Fit
Work out with Ring Fit Nintendo Switch
A tough-looking girl holding a Nintendo Switch Ring Fit and another girl laughing her head off
a boy pointing somewhere

2. 7 days to lose fat according to Victoria Secret’s menu and the end

A girl with a blank look staring somewhere

3. Secrets to help sisters maintain a healthy lifestyle during the period

A girl who explains about muscles
The girl who is stretching
Stretching is helpful to release the pain

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Stay well, safe and healthy! 



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