Professor Cu Trong Xoay at workplace

Professor Cu Trong Xoay is a “TV character” in the “Hỏi xoáy đáp xoay” (Twisted Q&A) column of the program “Thư giãn cuối tuần” (Relaxing Weekend), which is broadcast on  VTV3,  Vietnam Television Station. The character Cu Trong Xoay in the show is responsible for answering questions given by Dr. Trần Xoáy (played by  Xuân Bắc , sometimes replaced by actor Thu Huyền (as Dr. Trần Xoáy assistant) and the questions was sent by TV viewers. It is not clear about the year of birth, the biography of the character Cù Trọng Xoay, who graduated from Bon Ba University and has many research topics, researching science in different fields. The character is shown as a professor of erudite and humorous knowledge with witty answers that bring smiles to everyone. The character was played by Dinh Tien Dung for a while, then was replaced by scholar Xoày Trọng Chấm (played by Phạm Dũng).

Currently, Dinh Tien Dung is working at FPT Television under FPT Telecom with the title of Creative Director. In this position, Professor Rot will be responsible for finding suitable content from domestic and foreign suppliers to cooperate and exploit on FPT Television, and at the same time participate in planning development strategies. develop FPT Television according to the new trend.

And this is a close-up of Professor Cu Trọng Xoay’s workplace – Dinh Tien Dung at FPT Television

FPT Television - Fierce boss - No teasing, no feeding
FPT Television – Fierce boss – No teasing, no feeding



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