5 types of students before the final exam

5 loại học sinh thường gặp trước kỳ thi

Tomorrow is exam day, and you didn’t study.
If we have not learned anything. What should we do?
There are plenty of ways to prepare for the final exam. But it’s different for everyone.
A person has his own studying method and time management.
So today, I’ll show you 5 types of students before the final exam. Let’s go!

Type 1:
The hard-work student

Type 2:
The “It’s up to God”

Type 3:
The “last minute rusher

Type 4:
The “focus on some”

Type 5:
The bribe

Do you find yourself in those 5 types?

Watch the video for more information!
For more videos on 5 different types of students in different situations, go to Oops banana‘s channel!



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